Upcoming MMORPG featuring an immersive experience, bound to pull you in to its interesting secrets and discoveries!

What is Eldorwyn?

Eldorwyn is a MMORPG Minecraft server for the Minecraft Java Edition. Featuring a vast selection of unique skills & classes to choose from. Would you like to explore the vast land of Eldorwyn, or rather prefer to grind your skills to the max? Eldorwyn requires no mods to play, sign up to our newsletter or discord be notified when we're public! 

User Oriented

Eldorwyn at its core, is nothing without YOU as a player. As one of our core values, you as a player will always be in focus. We always listen to what you have to say, and all potential changes will be polled. 

Continuous Development

The lore of Eldorwyn is ever-expanding with new regions, new quests, new characters. We will continue to expand on the features of Eldorwyn, with the input & decision of you, our players, as lead.

Supportive Community

Eldorwyn offer support on its own, but we encourage you to use our community channels on Discord for general assistance. Its a great place to learn more about our community & perhaps team up for that xp boost. 

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